Marshlands Museum & Nature Center In Brownstown MI is situated in Brownstown, Michigan. It is an environmental museum that exhibits wetlands and the types of flora and fauna that live there.

As stated on its website, Marshlands Museum & Nature Center In Brownstown MI has four primary goals:

1) To inspire curiosity about the natural world through exploration;

2) To promote understanding of our role within the web of life;

3) To promote respect for all living things; and

4) To provide a sanctuary where visitors can learn to appreciate nature more deeply through direct experience.

The facility showcases wetland ecosystems, which are habitats containing fields, woodlands, marshes or swamps. These places support many kinds of plants and animals including migratory birds.

Marshlands Museum & Nature Center In Brownstown MI’s exhibits include interactive displays, dioramas and hands-on activities. One of its exhibits is called the “Wetland Adventure Trail”. This trail includes a boardwalk with educational signs about local wetlands. Visitors can view turtles, frogs or fish in tanks along the trail.

The center also has live native reptiles and small mammals including an opossum, red fox, American mink and short-tailed shrew. The gift shop sells toys, books, jewelry and apparel that are made from recycled items. It also sells items containing Michigan pine cones or other types of regional wildlife.